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These are what shows up on the homepage text slider.

Something wont settle / Like a rose with no pettles / Or plastic made of metal / A bike with no pedals / Whats a face with no freckles / Bass with no treble / Soldiers but no rebels / A tracing with no stencil / Erasers with no pencils / Having insurance but no dental / Whats enterprise with no rentals / Prolly a brain that went mental / Whats a school with no credentials / Its music with no crescendos / Diamonds with no bevels / Or games with no levels / Its having all the pieces but missing the essentials / A priest with no temple / Tea with no kettle / a beat with no tempo / Or having all the colors but missing yellow / a symphony with no cello / Or arm wrestler with no elbows / A deaf person answering the phone like "HELLO" / How bout GOD playing the role of the devil / How come conan couldnt beat Leno/ If pussy so good how could a guy touch a mans would like chipetto / Or white people in the Ghetto / How about a strippper with no stiletto!
— Antony Capers