Enjoying the moment

Enjoying the moment

Have you ever had one of those moments when everything is perfectly peaceful? I have. No barking from the neighbors dogs, the silence of the day allowing for the cool breeze of the air to set the mood. I sometimes wonder if a bridge could talk what it would say. Would it tell me about the trees and how the leaves fall on its deck ever so lightly? Maybe it would tell me about a first kiss shared between couples taking a Sunday afternoon stroll. Do you think it would tell me a joke? Like a�?I overheard at the bridge club: We had a 75-percent game last night! Three out of four opponents thought we were idiots.a�? Who knows? But to enjoy silence is being able to be in tune with onea��s self. Do you think a bridge sitting in the middle of the park tells the birds to a�?SHUT IT!a�? as their chirping away waiting on mother bird to bring back the chow! I often wonder when I am alone; is silence really golden or am I just out of sync with myself because of the world being so chaotic and noisy. Leta��s think for a minute.

Imagine a scene: Green fields that can be seen for miles. Tall trees filled with leaves in all the colors spring has to offer.A� Little bees buzzing around pollinating the flowers that grows ever so nicely. The sun lending a hand as it illuminates the day and fills the rich blue sky with its warming presence.A� Off in the distance sits one of those remarkable wonders of the world. Can you see it? a landmark that puts this whole scene into perspective. Visualize Southern Yellow Pine spanning across 75 feet of lush landscaping. A structural masterpiece thata��s elevated 10 feet allowing the crystal clear water to flow beneath it with ease. How about now, can you see it? Would you want to go there? Now imagine that you are that structure.

Imagine what it would be like if all the peace in the world was yours. To be able to enjoy the sun warming your bones day to day as the sounds of nature nurture your eardrums. The aromatherapy you get from the smell of the green grass and fresh flowers filling your nose fibers. This is the time when you can reflect. Reflect on all those moments in life that put a smile on your face, the ones that brought a tear to your eye, or the ones that put a tingle in your bones, the moments that caused your heart to almost pound out of your chest from excitement. Whether good, bad or ugly they are still moments and every moment needs to be cherished. We are not here forever but while we are here moments are the things that matter the most. Enjoy them!

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