Heartbroken Angel

Heartbroken Angel

Every word spoken,
Out her mouth was heartbroken,
Torn Soul,
A broken winged eagle,
Sporadic thoughts of everything evil,

Chaotic nights,
Followed by the morning bliss,
A snake hiss,
Could not compare to her venomous kiss,

Her touch like dagger knives,
Every breath she takes affects a thousand lives,
She is heartbroken,
Pretending to be happy,

She never plays fair,
She is heartbroken like the wind with no air,
She is all but tempting to my GODLY ways,
As she is heartbroken from all the men who strayed,

She challenges herself to feel love again,
She is without umbrella as she stands in the rain,
Heartbroken hoping to love again,
But she is heartbroken; all she knows is loves pain.

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