Uniquely Special by Antony Capers

Uniquely Special by Antony Capers

What makes you special? Could it be the dialect you use to speak? Could it be the uniqueness of the color eyes you were born with? Maybe ita��s the way you tilt your head when you write! It could be a number of things.A� Have you ever looked at someone and said a�?Wow that is different!a�? Think for a second; if you could be anything in the world what would it be? Why? and with the passion for it, who would you help? In world that is vastly changing day to day, how does one find the passion to continue to do what they love? With so many life variables coming at you from every direction, how do you stay the course?

Welcome to my site. Here you will see that I chose to follow my passion. My course in life will never change, just the designs that I create to cross them will. For every obstacle there is resolve. For every fork in lifea��s road lies a path, a special path that is only designed for you. Do you believe that or have you been modernized and live by the saying a�?it is what it is?a�? With my "Go Get It" attitude, there is no such thing as it is what is. It is what you design it to be. Just like in life. Nobody is built like you; you have to design yourself. You have to be the star of your own space and let the orbiting planets enjoy in your atmosphere.

I take pride in designing the unexpected. For every engaging challenge that interferes with my concept, I find the way to get my idea across. Not saying a�?it is what isa�?, I say a�?it is what you make it.a�? Remember when I asked what makes you special? Well what makes me special are my pillars of success. Within those pillars lie Creativity, Integrity, Passion, Growth, Love, Respect and Generosity. For over 20 years, these are qualities that have defined my every existence. I challenge you to look inside yourself and tell me what makes you special. Are you really unique or are you a zebra in the jungle harboring the same stripe pattern? I dare you to be different. After all, different is what makes you uniquely special.

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