• Sasha Fierce – 3D Painting

    Sasha Fierce – 3D Painting

    The one and only Beyonce, or should say "Sasha Fierce". This 36x24 is complete with glitter and 3D depth paint...

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  • Back Street Bandit 4×6

    Back Street Bandit 4×6

    Soljah El Godd Promotional Flyer for his song "Back Street Bandit" Pretty simple but powerful design with basic use of...

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  • Ms. All The Way Live

    Ms. All The Way Live

    Artist: Miltary? Title: Ms. All The Way Live...

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  • Toke Up (Mary Vibe)

    Toke Up (Mary Vibe)

    Artist: Soljah El Godd Song: Toke Up (Mary Vibe)...

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