Corporate Logo Design for "Bentley Leisure Group, LLC."
Custom logo Design for "Brick Magazine"
Custom Company Logo for "Digital Wave Wire"
Custom 36x38 Hand Painting "Lady Gaga - Fame Monster"
Custom Female T-Shirt Design Converted from 24x36 "Lady Fingers" Painting.
Custom 24x36 Hand Painting "Lady Fingers"
Logo Design for T-Shirt company "Lucky Shirt"
Corporate Logo Design for "RAJA Associates"
My Personal Favorite. Unisex Custom T-Shirt Design Converted from 24x36 "Stiletto" Painting.
24x 36 Custom "Glow in the Dark" Hand Painted "King -Tut"

    The Sonar Brothers

    Time is of the essence! A villainous man tries to live forever by stealing the world clock, but it's up to the Sonar Brothers to foil his plan. Find out what happens when the two brothers embark on their very first mission, "The Case of the Missing World Clock."

    mybiopicsmallWelcome to my world. Where creative ideas and reality meet

    Take a look around and you will see I am far from the average artist or designer or photographer or muralist or videographer or whatever you want to call me. I do it all. I have also written and illustrated my very first Children's book revolving around the importance of time. Its called "The Sonar Brothers in the case of the missing world clock". This was a project I thoroughly enjoyed creating with my my son. The visuals are spectacular and the story is just as compelling. Don't wait, get a copy today! for your child, your friends children or even one just for yourself. This book will be the first in a series of many.

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